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3D Artist/ Engineer/Painter

How does one categorize him/herself in today's market?

We live in a world that requires specialists, yet those same people are required to have knowledge of many other disciplines which seems somewhat contradictory.  Over the course of my career I find myself as being one of those people with a multidisciplinary background so I have the trouble of categorizing myself. I've worked as engineer, digital 2D and 3D artist and I have a traditional painting background.  The following pages are just a very small representation of some of that work. 

Engineer: I Graduated from Penn State wih a degree in Architectural Engineering (BAE) with an emphasis in construction management ('92), I have worked with architects, civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, general contractors and sub-contractors to make sure our project finished on time and under budget. I also helped out business development on other projects and was solely responsible for project closeout. I recently obtained my EIT and I'm working for an engineering consulting firm mainly providing Civil 3d and Autocad drawings for projects. 

3D Artist: I obtained my BFA from the school of Visual Arts and worked in the video game and online entertainment world for the majority of my career.  I worked as concept artist, illustrator, 3D modeler, texture artist and art director. My original intent was to create walkthru's for architects and engineers before it became popular. Somehow I ended up in entertainment...who knew?

Painter: I've worked with some of the most talented artists on the market today. It's both a humbling and exciting experience. The level of traditional painting is a good as, if not better than it has ever been - truly master quality. I paint regularly in traditional oils and have shown work in several juried shows.  Some of this work can be seen at www.loutalamo.com